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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Get What You Pay For

Thanks to the modern marvel of spam, er, email, I am often approached with all types of interesting products that I had sadly been unaware were missing from my dreadfully hollow life and can now move a step closer to becoming a complete and whole person. This cut-n-pasteful I discovered today was hiding nervously in the corner hoping to be overlooked as it fidgeted shiftily from foot to foot.

The section I highlighted should speak for itself, but just in case your brain is mentally rewriting it so that it makes sense while you read (which is an extremely common phenomenon that you will likely do several times today without realizing it) it starts the sentence with an extra letter in the first word (why: obviously for this cheap pun, or so I hope) then proceeds to imply that it will do nothing to clean your clothes.   

You just really cannot make this stuff up, um, because I would hope that I am capable of creating something much better than this, and if not, then I might just have an untapped successful career in advertising.

All your base are belong to us...

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chrissieB said...

LMAO! :-)